It’s a completely new teaching & learning format of dental continuing education

Hands-OnLine LIVE is Dentistry’s 1st Live-streamed, interactive hands-on Continuing education Webinar. After registering for a Hands-OnLine LIVE course, you’ll be sent a Technique Kit that includes a model, instruments, restorative materials and accessories to perform the hands-on exercise.

Dentist Benefits of Hands-On Online Live Learning

  • Experience Live hands-on training from the comfort and safety of your own Operatory
  • Learn from the world’s best instructors
  • Earn CE Credits without closing your office
  • No Travel Required
  • Real-Time, Live interaction with the Instructor

Experience Live Hands-On training in your practice

From the comfort of your own operatory, you’ll connect to our interactive Hands-OnLine LIVE site to participate and perform the exercise. The instructor will review cases and demonstrate each step of the technique live, then allow you to perform each step utilizing the kit provided. During the course, you can type questions directly to the Instructor.

Step I

Register + Receive Kit

Following registration, you will receive a technique kit containing all the materials you need to complete the hands-on exercise. 

Step II

Connect + Learn

Experience a totally live and interactive lecture and hands-on learning event without ever leaving your office. Every Technique Kit box contains a detailed illustrated Technique Guide with step by step instructions. During each course, you have the opportunity to ask the instructor questions and hear real-time answers. Connect with your Operatory computer system, Laptop or Ipad. Cell phone connection is not recommended due to the small screen size.

Step III

Earn Live CE Credits

Live CE credits • Study club opportunities • Multiple Doctor offers • See CE Accreditation 


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